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Meet Stephanie.

A mother, educator, author, keynote speaker, dance therapist, and licensed professional therapist 

Stephanie brings a unique interdisciplinary approach to child development.  Author of the award-winning book Baby Bare: A bottom-up approach to growing strong brains and bodies, she unveils the profound impact of early movement development on school readiness and optimal nervous system integration.

Drawing upon her extensive knowledge and experience, Stephanie crafts engaging and informative presentations that: 

  • Delve into the science behind early movement development¬†
  • Hone in on the crucial role of sensory integration in child development
  • Empower professionals with practical strategies to support optimal growth


Let's shift the paradigm of early childhood development with enriching brain-building experiences through the joy of movement. 

Staff Development
Workshops & Presentations
Keynote Presentations
Staff Development

Keynote Presentations

Baby Bare creator, Stephanie Johnson, is an internationally renowned speaker. Many have enjoyed her warmth, clarity, humor and ability to make complex concepts accessible to parents and professionals alike.  Ms Johnson's keynote addresses introducing her Bottom-up Approach to child development are growing in popularity with organizations worldwide who are looking for a fresh approach to ensure all children are prepared for a life of learning. 

Workshops & Presentations

Developmental Movement is good for all of us. 

With a lack of movement opportunities for children & adults these days, healing movements can be beneficial to all.  Stephanie presents the complex topic of the Bottom-Up Approach to Growing Strong Brains and Bodies with warmth, clarity, and humor.  Any who attend are sure to take away something for themselves, their colleagues, and their families.  

Staff Development 

Bringing in some of the newest neuroscience research, Stephanie offers staff development around the Bottom-Up Approach to child development while complementing other programs and approaches.  

*We collaborate with your organization to curate a program that fits your unique needs. We use in person, live virtual and on demand content and will make sure you have all the support you need to implement the learning for years to come.  

Bottom-up child development topics include but are not limited to:

  • Early ¬†infant movement and brain development

  • The body's role in school readiness

  • Early literacy: The lost art of lizard crawling

  • Social development: Emotional regulation¬†from day one and beyond

  • Effects of media on the young child

  • Embodied parenting

  • Friend or foe: Getting clear about primitive reflexes



"By far, the best presentation I've ever seen!"

Olivia, Parent educator

"After hearing her speak, I spent the night in my hotel room reading Baby Bare cover to cover."

Susan, Head Start Director

"Listening to her was life changing."

Bruce, Early Childhood Specialist

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