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(You can do this even if you are lacking sleep, I promise, it's that easy!)

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Did you know that the average baby spends 2/3 of their day in a device that restricts their movement? 

It's true, 600 hours in the first year of a baby's life will be spent in the carseat alone. This is a concern because our brains wire through movement during this time.  That's right, those precious movements like lifting the head, rolling and crawling on the belly are not only organizing your babies body but also building their brain for every future physical, emotional and cognitive pursuit. 

Just think about that, if our brains wire through early movement but our babies are unable to move 2/3 of their day, what might that mean for their development?

In my work with families I have learned that every parent wants to do the best they can for their children, they simply are not being taught the important role of movement in optimal development.

That's why I've created Baby Bare for New and Expecting Parents  the companion course to the book Baby Bare: A bottom up approach to growing strong brains and bodies.

In this course you will: 

  • Become familiar with each part of the infant movement sequence and the corresponding links links to later learning
  • Learn simple ways to play with your baby to ensure they are moving through the infant sequence at their own pace
  • Engage with your baby in ways that help them like their floor play, even if they have not liked it in the past 
  • Enjoy peace of mind knowing your baby is going through the movement stages needed for optimal development

Infant Movement Sequence

Baby Bare highlights the innate sequence of movements that build upon each other for strong body mind connection rather than focusing on the age your baby accomplishes a few physical "milestones."

Understanding the natural sequence of brain building will give you peace of mind and help you enjoy each stage rather than rush your baby to crawling or walking. 

 Backtime Too!

With so much emphasis on "tummy time" parents often skip out on valuable back time where baby begins to develop eye tracking needed for reading and flexion tone needed for self soothing and emotional regulation.

This course will hep you get clear about how much floor time is needed and how to make the best of your time on all four sides! 

It's easier than you think!

This course was built with busy, sleep deprived parents in mind. The language is plain and suggestions are very doable! 

 Get ready to slow down and enjoy each phase. Your baby knows what to do, all you need to do is give the space and time sprinkled with a few simple activities that will ensure your baby gets. the most of their floor play time.  It's that easy!

"It flies by..."

The window for the infant sequence is short and sweet. How will you know if your baby has gone through each stage if you don't even know what the stages are?

Stop worrying

Here's why  I'm certain you need this course

After spending years as a teacher I witnessed an increasing number of children  struggling with symptoms of attention and learning challenges. As a former dancer I became very curious about the body's role in learning. Fast forward to today, my work has shifted to the therapeutic realm as I treat individual children with ADD/HD, Anxiety, ASD, SPD etc. The modality I use is developmental movement therapy which retraces early movement patterns to rewire the nervous system, thus reducing the symptoms children are experiencing.  After 25+ years working with families I have heard every single parent say these words "I wish I would have known this when my child was a baby!" They wish they would have known what you will know after taking this mini course, that infant movement is crucial for mental health and academic proficiency. 

This is why I created this course Baby Bare for New and Expecting Parents. Originally used as a companion to the book Baby Bare: A bottom up approach to growing strong brains and bodies, this course is now being hailed as the current must have resource for new parents. Take  the steps now to ensure your baby finds their way through these juicy movements to wire their brain for a life of joy and ease in  being and learning!  Let's make sure you never say "I wish someone would have told me when they were a baby." 

Stephanie Johnson MA, R-DMT, LPC                                                                                                                                                                  Author/Therapist/Educator

Don't have the book yet? Let's get you one! 

This all started with a short and sweet book for new parents. Written with the overwhelmed and quite possibly sleep deprived new parent in mind, this book is full of simple ideas and beautiful photos and illustrations to bring the Bottom-up Approach to your homes and families. 

I want this book!



  • Baby Bare for New Parents Mini- Course
  • 8 bite sized lessons so you can learn at your own pace



  • Baby Bare for New Parents Mini-Course
  • The book that started it all. Baby Bare: A bottom-up approach to growing strong brains and bodies 
  • Easy reference infant sequence guide great for keeping handy or to share with nannies and grandparents



  • Baby Bare for New Parent's Mini- Course
  • The book that started it all. Baby Bare: A bottom up Approach to growing strong brains and bodies
  •  Secured spot at live bi-weekly Q & A's with Baby Bare creator, Stephanie Johnson 

Don't waste one more minute! 

Give yourself the peace of mind that comes with knowing how your baby's brain really grows, through movement! 

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