Attention Early Childhood Specialists:

You know movement is important for babies!

But do you wish you felt more confident teaching about movement and brain development?

Be more confident!

"I wish someone would have told me when she was a baby!"

After 25 years of working closely with children and families, the thing I hear most often from parents who are learning about the crucial role of early movement in child development is "Why didn't anyone tell me?" Often followed by "I went to every wellness check up and even mom and me classes each week." And they are right, there isn't anyone teaching new parents how important unrestricted movement is for brain development and that rushing your baby to walk may result in problems with attention, regulation and learning later in life. This is why I wrote Baby Bare: A bottom-up approach to growing strong brains and bodies in 2016. Fast forward to today, Baby Bare has grown to include educational opportunities for both parents and professionals like you!  Won't you join us in bringing movement to infants and children through the good work you are already doing as an early childhood specialist?

  • Feel empowered to teach the Infant Movement Sequence which provides a much more comprehensive way of tracking development than the old "milestone" method
  • Learn the alphabet of movement implicated in school readiness and emotional regulation
  • Deepen your understanding of Bottom-up Child Development and feel confident answering todays most common questions about sleep training, media exposure and much more
  • Gain the theory and application to support your families and ensure babies are moving through each stage in the Infant Sequence
Be the one that tells them

Infant Sequence

The Baby Bare Infant Sequence is being used by a wide range of professionals as an alternative or compliment to the old "milestone chart." The BB Infant Sequence highlights a comprehensive series of movements that build upon one another while prioritizing moving through each stage and de-emphasizing when a baby moves through each stage. This system invites parents to slow down and understand the value of each movement stage their baby is naturally designed to execute as a crucial part of brain development, rather than feeling the need to rush or skip steps in order to walk "on time."

Bottom-up Child Development

Baby Bare's Bottom-up approach to child development focuses on the slow unfolding of the nervous system and honors the role of physical development as a crucial pre-curser to inteletcual growth.

3 Amazing Modules

Module One is required to join us for the beloved live version of Module 2 and 3. Explore Module One at your own pace in the comfort of your own office or home. 

Movement is the key

"Mounting evidence shows that movement is crucial to every other brain function, including memory, emotion, language, and learning. Our "higher" brain functions have evolved from movement and still depend on it."

John Ratey, M.D., Harvard Medical School Professor and Author of A User's Guide to the Brain