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1. A am a current student or intern not yet working in a professional capacity. 

2.I agree to share the theory and apply the techniques presented by Stephanie Johnson in Baby Bare Professional Training for educational purposes only  and not as a diagnoses or treatment for any ailment in any infant, child or adult. 

3. I agree to share the theory and techniques in Baby Bare Professional Training with my private students and families in my care and not with other professionals.(If you are interested in becoming a Baby Bare trainer please be in touch after completing all levels.)

4. I agree not to share the theory and/or techniques  presented by Stephanie Johnson in Baby Bare Professional Training to train other professionals, educators, therapist etc. or to include it in any trainings, workshops or keynotes that I deliver. (If you wish to pursue becoming a Baby Bare Trainer, please be in touch after competing all levels.)

3. I agree to contact Stephanie Johnson for permission in writing if I wish to cite and/or include any material presented in Developmental Movement for Chiropractors: Level One in a speech, class, paper, training, workshop, webinar or any other form in a professional pursuit.

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Baby Bare Professional Training: Module One/ Student rate

We are so thrilled you have decided to start your journey with Baby Bare training! 

You will gain:

  • Command of the Infant Movement Sequence being used by many as an alternative to the "milestone" system
  • A deep and comprehensive understanding of the role in early movement and brain development
  • Simple techniques to apply and share with the families you work with
  • Appreciation for Bottom-up Child Development and confidence with answering some of the tricky questions we are often asked as early childhood specialist. 

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